Basic Skin Care for Oily Skin

Just like any other conscious individual, you probably have tried the classic soap and water in cleansing your skin especially on your face. For stubborn skin problems like acne, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation, perhaps your refuge are those popular cosmetic products in the market. If you have tried all these yet still dwells with negative results, then maybe now is the time to dab on something utterly offbeat— the oil cleansing method.

Oil Cleansing Method

Defined! “Oiliness is next to ugliness” as the saying goes but with oil cleansing method, you will be amazed on the idea of using natural oil to cleanse your skin. This kind of skin care is a natural method dedicated in using organic oils to cleanse the skin as it balanced the skin’s natural oil.

The primary approach of the oil cleansing method is that the oil administered on the skin will fuse the oil that habituated furthermore with impurities hooked on the pores.

Therefore, staying away from anything oily to become pretty is not true at all. Going back to the principles of chemistry, where like dissolves like is a perfect analogy of oil dissolves oil.

In layman’s term: with the right organic oil, all the dirt and bacteria stuck on your pores will be gently and naturally washed off replacing the dirty oil with the extracts found in Acne Oil and it will heal, protect and nourish your skin from then on. As you get used on following this natural skin regimen, oil cleansing method can relieve you from skin problems like acne, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and others.

Understanding the Process of Oil Cleansing Method

Like any other skin care routine, trying out the oil cleansing method for the first time will require you to be vigilant of its effects on your skin. Because every individual’s skin is unique, so the reactions to this method may also vary. Keep in mind that your skin might pass through the adjustment periods where the skin may get worse for about a week.

Nothing to worry though because this is actually a part of detox reactions where impurities are pulled off from the skin. Observe your skin as time pass and in 3-4 weeks of trying the oil cleansing method, you’ll surely see the results— no excess oil, no dry skin, and acne-free face.

Simple Routine That Is Easy to Follow

So, if you are one of those individuals who have tried each and every cosmetic products that come out in the market only to keep your acne under control— then you should stop now.

Surprisingly, the skin care industry earns multi-billion dollars when all you have to do is go back to the basic, inexpensive and easy-to-follow oil cleansing method.